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Cotton Yarn

Today the ORION EXPORTS is a bulk manufacturer and exporter of all types of dyed Acrylic High bulk Yarn, Acrylic + Wool Blended Yarn, Fancy & Chenille Yarn or fancy knits, duly shrinkage controlled, to customers, not only in India, but also in   European and Middle East markets.



Count range 16s - 40s English count.

Polyester/Cotton yarn

Polyester/Cotton blended yarn in the blends 48:52; 50:50; 52:48; and 65:35 both combed and carded cotton in Deluxe, Super Deluxe & Premium.

Cotton Yarn

High quality carded and combed. Auto coned spliced yarn with tail end

Acrylic Yarn (Metric count worsted system)

Dry spun and wet spun acrylic yarn of both bulk and non bulk quality in cone as well as hank form.

Viscose Yarn

Bright bleached viscose yarn in both single and double in cone form and hank form.

Polyester/Viscose Yarn

Polyester/Viscose blended yarn in any blend auto coned spliced yarn.

Polyester Yarn

High Quality Polyester spun yarn with high strength.




Count range 16s - 40s English Count.

Acrylic 100%, Acrylic/ Polyester blended yarn (Metric count worsted system)

Acrylic 100% and acrylic / polyester blended Auto coned Spliced Yarn.

Mixture Bulk Yarn

Acrylic bulk yarn with polyester blend in Hank form special woollen effect.

Polyester/Viscose Yarn

Polyester / Viscose blended dyed yarn both in solid and melange shade, Auto coned spliced yarn.
Viscose 100% Yarn Various special quality dyed viscose yarn
Polyester / Cotton Yarn Polyester / Cotton Yarn in Melange shades

Special Yarns :

Soft and super soft cashmere acrylic yarns.

Anti pilling yarns (only on order basis).

Grindle effect yarn (two, three, four yarns with different colour single yarns).

Mink blanket yarns.

Branded Hand Knitting bulky yarns.

All kinds of carpet yarns


All our yarns are 100% auto coned and electronically cleared.


Unique Features :

Works smoothly on all types of high speed knitting machines.
Ideally suited for fashionable knitwear.
Available in large lot size and standard packing.
Available in hank and cone forms.
Fully Autoconed, spliced and electronically cleared Carded and Combed cotton yarn, PC and PV yarn wound on 5° 57' Velvet Finish cone with tail end.
Contamination and fault - free ring spun yarn\Rich and fabulous feel.
Knotless yarn of TFO Twister on 5° 57' cone Multifold yarn as per end user 'Conditioned' yarn ensures less fly and fluffs and smooth working on high speed knitting machines. Fibre Dyeing facilities for choice of colour as per customers requirement.
We can manufacture yarn count from 6s to 40s as per the choice of customer.