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Model No > GOM-1210
Phillips type BB cup set of three
34,80mmx24 tpl bscy lh &rh threads
Finish zp/black
Model No > GOM-1211
FRENCHType b.b.cup set of three
34.80mmx26 tpi/24 tpi bscy
Model No > GOM-1212
RL Type b.b.cup set of three

35mmx1mm pitch iso metric

RH & RH Thread
Model No > GOM-1213
ltalian type b.b. cup set of three

MTB & BMX 34.80x24 tpl,35mmx24 tpl

finish black/zp
Model No > GOM-1214
Phillips type new cut 34.8mm

(1.370'')x24 tpl bscy

RH-LH Therads, finish black/bcp to order
Model No > GOM-1215
ball retainers1/4x9 balls for bb fitting
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